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Contoured Wool Saddlepads

100% Virgin Wool
Custom, Handmade by High Quality Saddles

Starting at only $275 plus shipping!

- Our saddlepads have the most virgin wool available on the market at 100%!

- 4x the compression of other pads, with less virgin wool

- 3x the wicking capability of any "wool" pads with less virgin wool

- The best pad you will find at an unbeatable price!

- Fully customizable (aside from I suppose not "fully", but pretty darn close)

                                                                 Please remember that if you use any wool 
                                                                 saddlepad, you must keep it clean to prevent 
                                                                 causing sores on your horse.  Many "saddle 
                                                                 fit" issues are actually saddlepad problems!

                                                                    Padding problems that can cause issues:
                                                                       1. Dirty pad (wool pads should be cleaned  
                                                                           every time)
                                                                       2. Under-padding
                                                                       3. Over-padding 
                                                                We suggest no more and no less than 1" thick 
                                                                padding.  Once your 1" thick pad is used and 
                                                                compressed, you will need to add some thickness 
                                                                to bring it back to 1".  We use a Navajo blanket 
                                                                folded in half over our 1" thick used wool pad.