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Considering ordering the 
best saddle in the country?  
We're glad to hear it!  

Here is a run-down of the ordering process so you know just what to expect.  

Please read through thoroughly, as many common questions are answered!

1.  Call or email us and ask every question you can think of to make sure you are confident in your order.  Let us be in charge of the fit of your saddle, & you worry about putting long hours of hard riding into it.  We stand behind our products 100%.

2.  Don't have any questions?  No problem!  If they come up later, just ask any time.  We do everything possible to answer questions in a very timely manner.

3.  Send your order either through a quote submission, through email, or good ol' snail mail.  The only pieces of information we need set in stone at the time of ordering are:
      a.  The style of tree you'd like
      b.  Your seat size
We can help you make any decisions you're not sure about by giving our professional opinion.  All additional decisions can be made at the time of ordering, or at any time up until Dan starts building your saddle.

4.  Pay your $600 down payment.  
This deposit is non-refundable and due before we can put your name on the saddle schedule.  You can put an order in at any time, but it will not be official and will not reserve your spot on the schedule until your deposit is paid and cleared.  
     *Please note that this deposit is not refundable and not transferable.  As soon as it's paid, you are committed to your order.  It is not transferable to other purchases or tack.  Thank you for your consideration of our company policy!

      You can pay your deposit through your preferred way:
     a.  Personal check through the mail
     b.  Cashiers check or money order through the mail
     c.  Credit card over the phone (3% fee required)
     d.  Payment in person at our store in Newell, SD.

5.  We will let you know at the time of ordering when to expect your saddle to be ready to be shipped or picked up.  Our normal wait is around 18 months.  Dan makes one to one saddle per week, and we are generally booked out this far.  

Since "life" does happen to everyone occasionally, there is always the chance that something may happen with our family that pushes our schedule back a little, causing you to have a little longer wait than expected.  Since we are a small family business and only Dan make our saddles, we don't have the option of bringing in additional workers to make up for time lost.  We hope you'll be understanding if this happens, and we appreciate your support and patience!  

6.  We will email you a few weeks before your saddle is scheduled to be built to give you a heads-up and a time frame.  Feel free to make payments as you go.  We have many customers that prefer to pay a little each month, but that is just an option.

7.  Pay your balance.  Before Dan starts your saddle, our company policy is that it must be paid in full.  Your balance can be paid through your preferred method:
    a.  Personal check
    b.  Cashier's check or money order
    c.  Credit card over the phone (3% fee required)
    d.  Payment in person at our store in Newell, SD.
      *If you happen upon a tight financial situation at the time, please just let us know & we can push your saddle back on the schedule as far as you need to.  We do it often and it is no problem at all.  We are very flexible & know that "life happens".  Just talk to us!

8.  Expect your saddle within about 2 weeks after Dan starts your saddle with drying time & shipping.  Of course, international shipping will take a little longer.  We ship through FedEx & UPS.  Unfortunately, our saddle boxes are too large to ship through the USPS.  Be sure to supply us with a physical shipping address instead of a PO Box for shipping. 

9.  Ride your saddle to your heart's content!  No worries about being saddle sore, no worries about soring your horses.  Just use a good 1" thick clean pad, proper cinch length and style, and you're good to go!  We do suggest using certain pads and cinches to maximize your saddle's performance.

Please ask us if you're interested in knowing what works and does not work.  All tips & tricks work for any saddle, not just ours!