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See what our loyal customers are saying about High Quality Saddles (below all the cool pics!)

Dan & Ashley,
Just want to tell you guys that we LOVE OUR SADDLES!! I never knew being on a horse could be so comfortable! We've been riding 8 to 12 hours a day on them during the hunts and still able to get off the horse without hurting and then not being sore for 2 days after words. It was hard for me to believe that could ever be true but it is! Every time I swing my leg over the saddle and sit down in it the comfort of it amazes me! The quality of the materials makes it so I don't have to worry about things coming undone or breaking. Before when we would ride with the old saddles my knees legs, butt and lower back would be sore while riding and 2 days after wards, I can't wait to ride and when I am riding I am now not thinking about how much longer we have to ride but how much longer I want to ride! Thank you SO much for making such a comfortable saddle. Hope all is well with you guys.

Shawn & Melanie - Malad, Idaho

Dear Dan and Ashley,
Dawson just loves his saddle. It fits his horse perfectly and he's always amazed how it never moves. We've been to several brandings and gathered some steep cow country, and we're really impressed with how it has held up. We've also had several people ask where we got it and who made it. We gladly pass your info on. Dawson has even had to fight his dad off because he prefers it to his own saddle!

Dean, Nikki, and Dawson Bell
Hollester, California
Dear Ashley & Dan ~

I love the comfort, the feel, the beauty of this saddle. It doesn't even squeak which I know most all new saddles do! I so look forward to many, many years of enjoyment from it.

Caren Miller & Slider
Layton, Utah
Hello Dan,
I want you to know that I now have several hundred miles of mountain riding on my saddle and love it more each time I hop up. I thank you for the quality and fit.

Barry Coster
Evanston, Wyoming
Dan and Ashley,
Just wanted to return and report. I put the saddle on my 6yo mare. She was worked in the round pen for about ½ hour. Then I sat in the saddle. It is so comfortable. Just sitting in it was like a glove. You would have thought it was made for me. Oh, wait! It was! My neighbor was very impressed with it and offered to trade his old saddle for mine. I didn't take him up on his offer.

Rita Paige
Enoch, UT
Greetings Dan & Ashley,
This saddle is everything you said it would be. There is a noticeable difference from your saddle to my (other saddle) it's easier on the horse and easier on me. When I take the kids riding I put your saddle under them because I trust it more than the Circle Y.

Paul Wignall
Beaver, Ut
Thanks so much for this great saddle, we have noticed a big improvement on her body position and runs. She is always getting compliments on it. She loves it. Thanks a bunch.

Shannon Moody
Ashley and Dan,
I love my saddle! I guess I have never ridden in a comfortable saddle after riding mine.

Its great. Thanks again for a high quality saddle at a good price.

Zeb Snow
Hey Dan & Ashley!
I just got my saddle and it is amazing! I love it! Thank you so much, it looks wonderful! I'm getting out to go ride it! Thank you again!

Klancie Seiler
Jr Miss Rodeo Idaho
Best built, best fitting, best riding saddles ever. My saddle is amazing.

- Wade Manning
Metiskow, Alberta, Canada