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All saddles are made with Hermann Oak skirting leather, top-of-the-line hardware, real sheepskins, and are built by a saddlemaker that stands behind his work 100%.  Since our satisfied customers are our best advertisement, we make sure that you are completely happy with your new saddle!
You can do just about anything you need to do from a horse in this "all-around" saddle.  From team roping to ranch work to trail riding, to colt breaking....this is ideal and versitile.
Rancher - latigo wrap, dark straight-back, corner basket wv, barbed wire w channels
Rancher - latigo, bags, 2tone, rope strap, barbed wire w rope and scallop border, dark straight-back
Rancher - latigo, barbed wire w channels, dark straight-back, rope strap, bell stirrups
Rancher - latigo, barbed wire w channels, floral conchos, straight-back cantle
Rancher - latigo, barbed wire w santa fe diamond border, straight-back, star conchos, stirrup leathers out
Rancher - latigo, barbed wr w channels, jockey and front basket weave, floral, rough-out seat and stirrup lthrs, dark straight-back, door handles on cantle
Rancher - latigo, corner bskt wv, dark cheyenne roll, sswirl w channels, aluminum stirrups
Rancher - latigo, dark straight-back, 2tone, floral, leathers out, 2 in stirrups, barbed wire w channels, corner bskt wv
Rancher - latigo, dark straight-back, stirrup lthrs dark and out, floral, back cinch, bags, breaststrap, corner bskt wv, barbed wire w channels
Rancher - latigo, straight-back, 2tone, full baskt wv, back cinch, floral, barbed wire w channels
Rancher - latigo, straight-back, floral, leathers out, barbed wire w channels
Rancher - Two-tone black and light, cheyenne roll, floral conchos, latigo horn wrap, Diamond/scallop border, corner basket weave, rings under all strings