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Youth Saddles
Youth Rancher - corner basket weave, 2-strand barbed wire w channels, cheyenne roll, latigo wrap, stirrup leathers under, star conchos, youth stirrups
Youth Rancher, latigo, cheyenne roll, corner basket wv, star conchos, barbed wire w channels
Youth Rancher
Youth Trainer
Youth Trainer - 2-tone leather, latigo wrap, youth stirrups, cheyenne roll, 2-strand barbed wire w channels border, floral conchos, stirrup leathers under, 12 inch seat
Youth Trainer - 2tone, latigo wrap, floral conchos
Youth Trainer - 2tone, latigo wrap, floral conchos2
Youth Trainer - cheyenne roll, corner bskt wv, all dark leather, floral, mule hide, youth stirrups, sswirl with scallop border
Youth Trainer - corner bskt wv,sswirl w scallop border, latigo, cheyenne roll, star conchos, youth stirrups
Youth Trainer - full basket weave, oak leaves, latigo, dark cheyenne roll, floral, youth stirrups, leathers under, leather roll on front
Youth Trainer - sswirl w channels, corner bskt wv, latigo, cheyenne roll, 2 tone, youth bags and stirrups, floral
Our Youth saddles range from seat sizes 10" to 13.5".  The high front and high cantle, particularly on the Youth Trainer, make for great confident-boosters in kids and teens alike. 
We cover our children in protective gear when they ride a bicycle...
they should ride only the best equipment on a 1,200-pound, at-times-unpredictable animal!  
Our Youth Saddles are the best equipment you can find for your kiddos and grand-kiddos!