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Testimonials Page 3
Hi Dan,
Just wanted to let you know my saddle arrived this afternoon and I really like it.
Thank you very much. I really like the work you've done. The saddle is beautiful.

Kurt Hollibaugh
Pine Dale, Wyoming

Dear Dan & Ashley,
You were right, we love this saddle! It feels good and Red (the horse) likes it too. We'll send you pictures... we love it. Thanks,

Robert Hasse
Alvin, Texas

I love the saddle. I was gathering yesterday and my horse went to bucking. I was able to stay IN the saddle which was GREAT!! I'm very happy with it.

Ana M Gallegos-Cain
Mountain Air, New Mexico

“Dear Dan,
I purchased and received my saddle from you in March 2011...I appreciate the saddle you built for me and my horse.…my previous saddle was injuring my horses’ back and performance. I came to you and you were able to build a saddle for both my horse and me. From the time I first received your saddle, I have enjoyed all the use that I’ve put into it. … your saddle is one of the most comfortable saddles I have ever owned. Because of your saddle, my horse has no more issues with her back and I, too, have nicer rides. I am a huge packer, so I am in the mountains on my horse every week, and have seen how well built your saddle is. I never have worries about it…it is a very strong saddle…it was worth every penny.
Thanks for the best saddle,�

Steve Perkins
West Jordan, Utah
My saddle came this afternoon. It is just beautiful! We had the most awful weather today (but I shouldn’t say that after the drought we were in for awhile) but I managed to get out on my saddle for about 30 minutes before it looked like rain again. It sits very nicely and seems to fit my mare very well...Thanks very much for getting it done early for me!

Vickie Caffey
Milano, Texas